Radio Play

Live Participatory Worldbuilding and Performance with Generative AI

A workshop for SLSA 2022 Reading Minds @ Purdue. West Lafayette, Indiana. October 7-8, 1:00-3:00 EDT.

«< STREAM LIVE »> Saturday October 8, 2022 3:00-3:30 EDT (1900-1930 GMT) (recording coming soon)


With recent advancements in machine learning techniques, researchers have demonstrated remarkable achievements in text synthesis, understanding, and generation. This hands-on workshop introduces state-of-the-art transformer model (GPT-3) through a participatory, interactive event culminating in a live radio show and internet transmission. Participants will gain experience with Open AI’s GPT-3 as members of an AI writers room. We will discuss issues of liveness and serendipity; possibilities for human/non-human co-authorship; and relate these computational processes to human language, perception, and embodiment. Please bring a text you would like to experiment with!


Friday, October 8 - Session 1

Time Activity
1:00 Introduction - Background and Setup
1:15 Activity: warming up our language engines (Discord). Discuss
1:30 Writer’s Room 1: Worldbuilding (small groups)
2:00 Reconvene: share out and decide on concept, themes
2:10 Writer’s Room 2: Developing scenes (small groups)
2:50 Reconvene: share out scenes, sign up for production. Other elements (sponsor messages, etc.)
3:00 assign “homework” and adjourn

Saturday, October 9 - Session 2

Time Activity
1:00 Finalize Grid and Scripts, Interstitial Bits
1:20 Preproduction and wrangle audio assets, rehearse
2:00 Reconvene: check in
2:10 UPLOAD assets. Reconvene: Sequencing blocks, timing
2:50 Rehearsal and Sound Check

Saturday, October 9 - Performance

Time Activity
3:00 Performance and Broadcast
3:30 Debrief
4:00 Adjourn

Tools and Resources


Episode 2 Team

Ash Smith - Story, Worlds, Speculative Design Lab, Johnny Carson for Emerging Media Arts, UNL -
Robert Twomey - Machine Cohabitation Lab, Johnny Carson for Emerging Media Arts, UNL -
Jinku Kim - Johnny Carson for Emerging Media Arts, UNL -

This workshop is made possible through generous support from the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts