Radio Play

Live Participatory Worldbuilding and Performance with Generative AI

A workshop for ISEA2023 Symbiosis. Saturday, May 20th. 0900-1800pm CEST. Salle 50.

<<< STREAM ENDED >>> 1700-1730 CEST. (1500-1530 GMT) May 20


An introduction for writers, theater makers, and performers to co-writing with generative AI. This hands-on workshop with GPT culminates in a live, collectively co-authored radio show performance and broadcast. We extend the textual generation from previous Radio Plays with the addition of speech synthesis and performative AI.


Saturday, May 20, 2023

Time Activity
10:00 Introduction - Background
10:45 Group Worldbuilding - Discord
11:00 Writer’s Room 1
12:00 Liveness - performing generated text
13:00 Sound - manipulating sound
14:00 ~ lunch break ~
15:00 Rehearsal
16:00 Rehearsal and Sound Check
17:00 Performance and Broadcast Performance and Live Internet Transmission
17:30 Debrief
18:00 ~ wrap ~

Tools and Resources


Ash Smith - Story, Worlds, Speculative Design Lab, Johnny Carson for Emerging Media Arts, UNL -
Robert Twomey - Machine Cohabitation Lab, Johnny Carson for Emerging Media Arts, UNL -
Miller Puckette - Distinguished Professor Emeritus, UC San Diego -

Past Episodes:


This workshop is made possible through generous support from the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts